Thursday, February 03, 2005

Multi Finished!

Today I finally finished my oldest DD's poncho. Hooray! She is very pleased with it. Thank goodness, because I would hate to start all over again!

These are the rectangles that make up the main body of the poncho. This is what they look like after taking them off the round loom. Their sides have curled under, so they look smaller than they actually are.

These are the same rectangles, but two rows of single crochet have been added all the way around. Since I used so many different colors, I wanted to be able to hide the yarn I would be sewing with. Edging them all around had another benefit, it uncurled the sides.

A close up shot of what the two rows of single crochet. It makes quite a difference in it. Also makes it easier to sew them together as I could match up stitch for stitch.

This is how they look once they are sewn together to form a poncho. I almost forgot to take a picture, which is why you see the ball of blue yarn. I had begun crocheting around the neckline.

The back side of the finished poncho. I took this picture before I wove in the tie. I held two strands of the yarn together and chained 125 stitches using a size P hook.

The front of the poncho with the tie added in. Since blue is her favorite color she wanted the side with the most blue showing to be the front. The tie helps to cinch up the neckline somewhat, and is removable for later on.

A close up of what the five rows of single crochet look like. It was difficult to find leftover lengths long enough to go around the bottom of the poncho.

These are the remains of sewing in the ends of the loomed rectangles. Double this amount for all the crochet that was done. My youngest DD had fun going back and forth to the trash can to throw the yarn ends out whenever I finished cutting one off.

When DD tried it on tonight, in the midst of twirling, she asked "I can wear this everyday, right?". I think that is high praise indeed!


Blogger Sorka said...

CAn you come teach me how to crochet a nice edge like that!! I need help!
The poncho is beautiful!

2/04/2005 11:05 AM  
Blogger justcinful said...

I tried to go to your blog to reply to you Sorka, but the link seems to be bad. I taught myself how to crochet from a book and from watching a guest on the old show "Aleene's".

I am thinking of signing up for a knitting class at Micheals. I know that they are also teaching crochet classes. You might also want to try any of the chain stores like Hobby Lobby or AC Moore and see if they have classes. I find that it is so much easier to see what someone is actually doing.

And a lot of the craft stores are cheaper for lessons then the locally owned yarn stores. I for one can not afford over $50 a week to learn the basics in four weeks. When in one class at Michaels I will learn them for $10!

2/07/2005 10:33 PM  

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