Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oh Baby!

This weekend I am going to a baby shower. My cuz is finally going to have a kiddo of his own. I say this in amazement because he is only two months older than me, and I have been a Mom for over 10 years. So now he is 33 and finally reaching the parenthood stage. He probably got tired of the family always nagging him about when he was going to start a family. My cuz's fiance is due in the very beginning of February with a baby boy (they peeked!). She has a scheduled c-section date then, that's if the baby doesn't decide to download early. Why a c-section? She had hip surgery and they are afraid that natural child birth will damage her hips. This will be her second child, she already has a daughter who is 12. And here I thought my having a 7 year gap between kids was big. Poor thing has to reacquaint herself to the diaper changing and bottle feeding madness all over again. In preparation for the upcoming little bundle of joy I have been busy working my little fingers off. So far I have loomed 2 hats. The first one was a no-go since it was so small my youngest is going to be using it for her dolls. The second try went along swimmingly. Thank goodness! Now I just have to get busy crocheting the accompanying blanket! I also have to hit the shops as I want to purchase some sleepers, etc. I'll post some pics of the hat & blanket when the blanket is completed.


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