Saturday, October 01, 2005

Can Not Compute

Computer issues be gone! Well, wishful thinking on my part as I am still waiting to hear back from Comcast about why my email is not working. Actually it is only the email for the "main identity" or the basic account that is not working. And all because we switched to digital voice phone service. What a perk, eh? I called yesterday, a week after the phone service was installed and a week since the email has worked and got the standard they are "working" on the problem. I was told that the "issue" should be solved that same night and I would receive a call back when they had fixed it. What time was the latest that they could call me? The guy laughed when I said any time. He asked if it was okay if they called at 2 am and I said "Sure!". Don't they get it... I am desperate here. Internet addiction is a terrible thing. Last night I did find out that I wasn't the only one in this situation. Seems that there are about 100 other people in the same boat. Gee, do you think that they should have field tested this new system some more? All I know is that hubby is foaming at the mouth about some sort of discount being applied to our bill since this is more than just a little glitch in the system. Hopefully they won't give me flak about that when I ask for one. Hubby is so much better at talking to people about discounts and working out deals. Me? I am too nice on the phone. Obviously since I have yet to get a call back over the email being non-functional and it is already the next night. Hmmm... Guess the issue hasn't been solved, eh? Yup, pushover. Tomorrow I shall have to call again and see what's up. Maybe this time even demand to talk to a supervisor. Though I doubt that will garner any quicker result. Darn tootin' I'm going to be asking for a discount. First the internet and cable keep cutting, now this. My bill is going to be in the negative if this crud keeps happening!


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