Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Love a Parade

Growing up I don't recall ever going to see a parade. Well, except for the Halloween one I was in as a child. That one was just around a shopping center parking lot, so I am not quite sure if that counts. Then of course there are the ones that I have seen via the boob tube. But that can not compete with real life. When I read about the Homecoming parade scheduled for this Saturday I entertained the idea of going. Then I decided that I would go and the girls would get a kick out of it. It was a local affair with just the high school and the local fire companies. It can not be compared on a grand scale to the Mummers in Philly or the Macy's in New York. It may not be "grand" in that sense but you can not belittle the spirit of it all. The wonder in a child's eyes as he or she watches the band grandly go marching by. The laughter that spills out when something catches the eye and delights the senses. The overwhelming noise of the trucks as they blare their sirens, showing off trucks tended with care. The camaraderie of the people as they eagerly cheer those marching by. It's a site that I am glad we did not miss. A memory my children will have. A time we will look fondly upon. That day of the parade that Mommy ran pushing a stroller down the sidewalk while madly snapping pictures.


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