Monday, September 12, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now?

I've been having problems with connectivity. The internet (and digital cable) has only been working sporadically and then cuts out after a few minutes. The cable company will not be out until the 20th to fix the problem. It seems as though they have had problems with one of their contract companies and are overloaded with service requests. So I shall try to make this quick in case I get disconnected again. My best friend is now back in Mississippi. They were actually able to get power running. Hooray! We had a nice visit together, however most of it was overshadowed with dealing with financial institutions (late payments due to the storm) and a fiance who is a PITA.* (Hers, my hubby was golden through it all.) Now that my "slate" is clear so to speak I will be able to finish up the sewing projects that have been waiting on me. I have been so very bad and feel guilty for not getting things out before now. Ugh. I hope to do some sewing tomorrow night. I can't sew until I clear a space to do so and the house is quite a mess at the moment. I need to catch up on a lot of things. I fear that my "To Do" pile will fall over from the unbalanced stack of items waiting on me. Cleaning, painting, sorting, crafting, reading, writing, etc. Where did all the time go? Speaking of time... It's time for me to toddle off to bed. Figures I get the internet working for a little while and I have to cut my time on it short due to a headache and lack of sleep. C'est la vie! *PITA = Pain in the (rear end).


Blogger rayleen said...

Glad your friend is safe and sound!

9/13/2005 3:21 AM  

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