Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SP-oiled Rotten

Look at all the pretty little packages! Once again my SP has spoiled me grandly. Shall we open them up and see what goodies lurk inside awaiting discovery? Oh yeah!
Why lookie here. It's some elastic re-inforcing thread. You know for when I get brave enough to pamper lucky tootsies with homemade goodness. Now if only I could break out the sock yarn and actually get started on a pattern. Then I'd be able to put this to good use!
My SP was even spoiling the kiddies! Check out all the cute Hello Kitty stuff. The oldest one claims she is too "grown up" for HK, but I caught her red handed with the lip gloss. And you can bet your patootie she snagged those Crayola Twistables. The artist in her couldn't resist. The youngest is quite glad to play with the "kitty cat" goodies. She is like her sister and loves to draw so you know she gladly took possession of the pencils and paper. Budding artists abound here in Chez Cinful.
And of course once again my SP keeps spoiling me with yummy goodness. Oh my! Some blue and pink Naturwolle. Hmmm... What to make? Will it be a hat? A scarf? A bag? Speak to me wooley!
Irish yarn! Green Irish Yarn! How in the world did she know? Was it the green eyes? The impish smirk in my profile picture. The wee bit of blarney that happens to spew from my mouth in random bits? Oh yeah, it's a big part of my heritage and my love for all things Irish stems from growing up around some rather boisterous descendants of said land. (That and the colorful... uh... exclamations from my grandmother.*) And by now I am sure that everyone knows just how fond I am of the color green! Any ideas on what to make with two skeins of Maggi's Linen? I don't think it's enough for a small shawl, but I could be wrong. And last but certainly not least, my SP spoiled me even more (is it actually possible?) with a package from Amazon.com. I was thrilled to get an extra surprise in the mail. In said package was a copy of a book I have been wanting called "Lavish Lace". It has so many gorgeous patterns in it. The person I took the Cat's Paw Shawl class from had used this book as a reference using the "cat's paw" featured in one of the patterns. Definitely some drool worthy patterns in this tome. So who exactly has been spoiling me? None other than Rayleen from "Uniquely Rayleen". Thank you so very much Rayleen for being a terrific SP partner. I have enjoyed your wonderful generosity of spirit and your thoughtfulness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Whoever winds up with you in SP6 will be one lucky little crafter! *Apparently telling someone off in Gaelic is much more lady like than when you do it in English, and therefore one did not get their mouth washed out with soap for doing so. I wonder if the nuns still made her say "Hail Mary"s for doing so. (Yes, she attended Catholic school.)


Blogger rayleen said...

You're welcome. :) You're so funny! I'm glad I've gotten to "know" you through your blog...I'll definitely keep reading!

9/14/2005 2:13 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

as for the green linen... you should gift it to me. ;-) How many yards are on each ball... I'll bet it is enough for a small lacy shawl... if not, how about branching out or some other lacy scarf? I think it wants to be something botanical though... that green is "screaming" leaves to me. You had a great pal!

9/30/2005 10:52 PM  

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