Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bad Weather (Tails from the Convention)

For the first day of the convention we had rain, rain and more rain. It caused a lot of flooding in the area. Trying to get to one's vehicle without getting wet was impossible. Most people did like I did, protected their knitting and their purchases, and let themselves bear the brunt of the storm. Hey, I'd dry out, but if my patterns got wet, that's all she wrote. Driving home I saw one person in the grass median and another who went up the side of a hill, both were regular cars. (No one was hurt.) I am still trying to figure out how that guy got up the steep hill. Must have been some ride, eh? Shame I don't have a picture of it. Here are some pictures of the rain. Yes, I did pause on the mad dash to the car just to take pictures. Oh, the things I do for my blog! Thankfully on Sunday there were only occasional spritzes of rain. Nothing at all like the deluge of the day before. So I did not get to perform any herculean tasks trying to protect my precious fibers from the big bad menacing rain.


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