Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Learning Again (Tails from the Convention)

I did take that Learn to Knit class at the convention. On the flier they said it was free with paid admission to the Fiber Arts Market. But when you went to the counter to register, they didn't ask if you paid to enter the convention or not, so people got to take the class for free anyways. When you signed up they gave you a card/ticket for the class and a bag of goodies. You would need to give this card to the teacher in order to be able to participate in the class. In the bag there were two learn how to knit booklets, a Cast On magazine, a skein of TLC Essentials, a pair of plastic Susan Bates knitting needles, plastic yarn needles and a pattern for making a scarf. The class itself was only taught by one woman. In all honesty she could have used a helper. Teaching 20 people how to knit in 45 minutes is not an easy task. Especially since you have to go around to teach each person how to cast on. Then go back to teach them the knit stitch, then back again to teach them how to purl, and then once again for the bind off. If you spend 2 minutes with each student, poof! There goes all your time. I am glad that I went to class. Even though I had someone show me how to cast on (long tail method), knit & purl, I still had some questions. I was able to learn a new cast on and also got the answer I was seeking to my loose end loop query. I am glad that I did know how to do the other things. Otherwise I would have been like the other students in the class. Many of them were attending their second class of the day (just so that they could get more instruction) or planning to take the next class after that one so they could get beyond the knit stitch and into purling. I started on the scarf pattern, but had to stop. I goofed up and want to frog back. I am thinking of undoing it all and starting it over. The TLC does not like the plastic needles. It "sticks". It also does not get along with metal needles. At least not my Silvalume ones. I am wondering if it will play better with some wooden ones. Since I do not have needles in the size needed for the pattern, I will have to wait until I get some to see if it will work better. Brittanys where art thou?


Blogger Melanie said...

Hi! I'm in your knitting-chicks group so I just stopped by to check everything out. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! Also... about TLC essentials. I used clover bamboo with it and had no trouble at all. It actually knits up very well for such an inexpensive acrylic yarn. :-) Good luck!

4/13/2005 8:04 AM  

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