Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Big Fat Mouth

Our adventurous dare devil strikes again! But this time it wasn't because she was climbing up railings, or jumping off couches, or even trying to leap buildings in a single bound. She was simply walking and whomp! fell flat on her face. Oh lordy! The poor girl is taking after her klutz of a mother. It is always the simple things that literally trip us up. This happened on a public sidewalk, which is in very bad repair in the town where my BIL lives. We got out of the car and started to walk towards his house. My husband turned to warn our youngest to be careful and just as soon as he started to warn her and go to the "careful" part she took the nose dive into the pavement. Bloody and tear-strewn we arrive on BIL's doorstep and quickly went to work on accessing the damage. A clean-up, some ice and two episodes of Sponge Bob later and everything was alright again in her world. Notice in the picture the happy smiling mouth fresh with sticky glaze from a delicious doughnut. Notice the after shots of the puffy lip with dried blood. Not so happy smiley. But luckily it was only scraped. No stitches, no broken teeth or bones and no hospital visit*. Hooray! *Said child has already been to the hospital twice for other falls. One where she hit her head and had a huge lump. (No concussion, thank goodness.) And the other time she hurt her leg.


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