Monday, April 11, 2005

I Will Survive

I made it through the weekend. Hooray! No big blow-outs or anything. Thank goodness. I have some bad news to report. No trip to the yarn shop. :( I know. The tragedy! The horror! My only free time was on Sunday and they were closed. Sigh. What is it with yarn shops being closed on weekends? ACK! However, I did get to make it up somewhat. I got to go to both AC Moore and Michaels. I got some Microspun in 10 different colors to try and make the girls some summer ponchos. Yes, there may be those against them out there, but the girls love them. I figure by using all the colors in the poncho it should go with everything that the girls will wear this spring/summer. No doubt I have to replace the loomed poncho that I made for my youngest. She is always wearing it. (A very high compliment.) I think she definitely needs a summer replacement. And we all know that when you make one child something, the other one needs one too! I just found out that there are two colors (besides white, black or brown colors) that I don't have for the ponchos. Shame on me! Lol. Royal Blue which is "new", and Peppermint Pink which has been discontinued. I already hit up ebay and they did not have either color. Sigh. Hmmm... I may have to do some searching! I would love to have a skein of each of these to incorporate in the ponchos. More colors... More fun!


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