Friday, April 08, 2005


I tried to get online yesterday but either comcast or the internet was having a grand old time playing cat and mouse with me. I'd get the connection to work, quick download some email, then go to load a page. Yeah the webpage would open up and then whammo! I'd be cut off again. Grrr. So now I go to check out my blog and the HaloScan comments aren't showing up any more. What the #*@!? Now I have to go and figure out what has happened. I swear I have not changed my template from the other day. And they were working fine and dandy then. Perhaps blogger submarined me? Ugh. ***UPDATE*** I just went over to the HaloScan site and it seems as though it can not be found right now. Figures, just as I implement a service it crashes on me. Just my luck. Lol.


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