Friday, April 08, 2005


Another teacher at my oldest's school wanted to know the information on the beach bag I made for the raffle. I sent her an email with pictures of the bag, a color chart of various cotton yarn available and a price listing with the reason for the costs. She said that although she was not interested in ordering a bag from me at this time that she did forward the email to several other teachers at the school. Now mind you, I do not in the least mind that she wanted to share the information, but I do think the correct etiquette would have been to ask me if she could do so first. Yeah, I know I shouldn't complain that her doing so may bring me more orders. Sour grapes and all that I guess. She did pass on a compliment to me saying that I made wonderful bags and quilts, and what talent I had. It did make me smile in part for the compliment and in part due to the oopsie of calling an afghan a quilt. (Remember the baby blanket I made?) But then we all know that people who do not do a craft/task/job themselves oft times use the wrong terminology. I shudder to think about what I would say to a biochemical engineer. "That's a lovely test tube you have there." "That's a flask." "Oh."


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